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No Google,what the world would be like?

Posted on: 17/07/2010

Google, there is no doubt that one of the world’s best known companies. It not only allows people to freely access information and give reasons for the existence of e-commerce, the most important thing is that it proves to the world: Free can be profitable! Perhaps all this make you more like to know – If not Google the world would be like?

There may be a number of assumptions:Perhaps Microsoft is worse off than today?Maybe Apple will bankrupt? Also ,perhaps Yahoo will no longer be the world’s most powerful company?If not Google the world would be like?



You can not forget it – as Google’s biggest rivals have now been thrown far behind.Yahoo has it all:Adequate capital, extensive user base, a strong business.Really need is a leader in insight to lead it to success.

If not Google, Yahoo, entirely possible that the Internet was a huge room for development in the field,and eventually become the most influential Internet companies–Not Microsoft or Google,however,In fact because of Jerry Yang (Yahoo’s founder) is wavering, Yahoo has not had the boom continued.Even in the fierce competition Yahoo has not taken measures to improve itself, so that Yahoo CEO today can not even explain what her company do.

This gives us reason to believe: even if there is not Google ,the other competitors will beat Yahoo.Perhaps this is the fate of Yahoo.



If Google is the end of the tunnel of light, that Microsoft is among the darkness of the tunnel – the ubiquitous, but difficult to detect–If not Google, open source software in the spring will not come,Windows operating system than ever before are still powerful, desktop software will be always important.In addition, Microsoft will be in the online advertising and cloud computing make the pours and fierce competition with Yahoo.

“Unfortunately” is: Google has brought the concept of cloud computing and develop a rich base and cloud computing services.If any service can be achieved in the clouds, desktop applications, will be replaced by clouds, which will direct threat to the Window operating system dominance.Microsoft, Google also had to face the competition from the launch of the online version of Word and Windows Azure can be seen.

But we can clearly see that:Google has avoided a direct invasion of Microsoft’s core territory,Over the years there has been an operating system called Google smash Window operating system,Chrome OS and until recently with the development of Google Android was launched to challenge Microsoft.

Perhaps you might want to challenge other competitors of Microsoft.However, such qualifications in addition to the Microsoft challenge Google, who else does?



Speaking of the Internet must be immediately referred to Apple.Because Apple has become strong enough.In the field of mobile phone operating system, Google and Apple’s competition is perhaps the most eye-catching.




Google gives us meaning far beyond the above,If it really do not have Google our lifestyle will change,So we thank Google for our free information-rich applications.It also embody the Google for Internet leadership.

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