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Rank on Google – tips on best way to do this:

We could give you a long and verbose list of things that you can do to gain a good ranking result on Google but if we wanted to just give you a simple thing to do and what we would say is the best way of ranking on Google then we would give you this piece of advice.

Put a WordPress blog on your site.

Notice that I did not just say a blog but a WordPress blog. This is the best tip that we can give you so that you can rank many many keywords on the first page of Google.

If you have a traditional ‘flat’ or pure HTML website (which most have) and not a CMS – content management system which WordPress is, then you are at a disadvantage to getting REGULAR and useful content on your site.

In order for Google to rank you high it must judge your site and your content as high value compared to other sites content. One of the MAJOR things Google looks for is relevant FRESH and REGULAR content. A blog gives you a simple mechanism to get content up fast and regular. Read the rest of this entry »

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Here are 5 tips to keep you on the 1st page Google :

  • Ensure your XML sitemap on your site is updated every month and pinged top Google and all the major engines unless this is done automatically which it can be set up that way.

  • Make sure you have a back-link strategy in place. Onsite content is super important but without that constant stream and growth of backlinks again it shows you are not the leader – do what leaders do – lots of action.

  • Use RSS datafeeds from your blog and link them to feedburner – this will make sure your content is circulating across the internet.

  • Add content to your home page or change the content at least monthly. The best is to have a data feed added from your blog so that summary information shows up about your new entries as and when you add them to your blog.

  • Make sure you add content regularly – daily is best, weekly is good, monthly is ok. Anything else then don’t expect to keep your ranking at the top. Google only wants the sites that are pumping at the top. if your competitors are adding content more than you they could take away your ranking and displace you.
  • Following these simple tips will keep you on the 1st page of Google and keep you rising higher and higher.

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