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After 10 days of night parties outdoors, the Cannes Film Festival was correct in my sleep and it is therefore on the ball (albeit under the sun) as I write this review of the week. If I have to follow certain SEO news, I totally missed out on other, carefully stored in my “read it later list”, and this post will probably be a good way to find what I planned I have read but not for lack of time (and energy).

Impressions and click through rate by position
Renaud Joly dreamed about, Google has done (or almost). In a letter concise and accurate Renaud explains one of the new console Webmaster: Display of impressions and click through rate by keyword by location. If you do not understand, I will not explain here what Renaud is well on his blog and I encourage you to visit him. Of course, as always, Google does not give us exact figures, but only the amount of data by a key word but it is always a start and we can check our assumptions with the other tools (magic and secrets of course) which we have

Keywords, tools and methods
Be the first on a keyword that is never sought no use. I just repeat that sentence has now been close to a decade, unfortunately I feel that it serves no purpose and despite my insistence, I am sometimes forced to place a site on an application bogus but pleased the communication manager of the company.

That said, Patrice Albertus we propose a methodology to choose keywords. I use essentially the same tools and the same method that he and his post, very interesting, very educational.

How to sell on Internet
While some still believe it is possible to start selling online in reproducing patterns brick & mortar, it is not. Natural Net offers us a complete dossier on the issue and whether it includes many places they are in promotion of their services, there is still good stuff to read and practical case study. Having traveled some pages of this issue, I count on your clemency should it ever be unattractive Read the rest of this entry »

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Kindle is Amazon’s product pleasant to read books without having to end the eyes of a rabbit that had caught myxomatosis. Indeed, the Kindle screen is positioning itself for the digital computer is designed to read text with significant variations in contrast, allows both readings in dark or very bright, all without reflection. Amazon has recently presented the new version of Kindle and the improvements are significant:

Self-coupled device: four weeks without recharging
A version-Fi (in addition to 3G), which is cheaper than $ 50
-Contrast Enhancement (50% contrast and more)
-15% Lighter
Two-times more storage space
-The Kindle is 21% smaller with a screen similar to the previous version

Technical specifications of IPAD very different but it seems that the products are not as competitive as that. IPad is a digital tablet and the Kindle eBook reader. The product from Barnes & Noble, the Nook is the most natural competitor of Kindle.






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