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"As a young man of 27 years without at least the 2nd Degree, became the guru of making money on the Internet in Brazil." That’s incredible …
That’s right, what I’m saying is that yes it is possible to earn money, keep a family, own what you want an income from a system known comSGDA Make Money System Make Money Now I found this site by navigating Internet where I said: teach a simple formula and easy to work through the Internet, was well known that the philosophy of the author’s website, a youth of 27 years, Fernando Augusto, I just thought it might be another of many who adventure on the Internet, but found I was mistaken because in fact he is a man of business, I decided to enter the system and today I just have to thank Fernando Augusto for sharing this opportunity so great, are three secrets revealed where I left zero, because I am layman in the subject, and soon learned everything he taught and still teaches through the system.
Continue reading the entire contents with so I did and from that system, one thing I know this being just worth every penny I invested in this business.

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There is much talk of security and privacy on the Internet. These days I have thought about it, because the amount of information and personal data that are distributed through social networks.

We are aware as far as we trace. What’s up letter was distributed through the network and have access to it from any computer in the world with Internet access. Writing on the Web is like writing on a tracing paper. Therefore we must be moderate when including personal information Internet.Digo this because I read recently in social networks like each other went on vacation, even someone gave details in your location with map reference and name lodging included. Just be lacking locating in the doors of their homes usual a sign with "Free access for burglars, thieves and sausages."

This is not the only risk we run when we reflect our movements and ideas on the Internet .. Also recorded is our way of life, beliefs, preferences … We become mere participants in a giant Big Brother.

Privacy is a right that you lose, if you do not know administer.

Internet as a tool is one of the great inventions of the twentieth century. Serves to communicate, to approximate. To bring this world to the idea of a global village. etc.

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One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they start out on their first SEO campaign is that they don’t work out exactly what it is they want to achieve from the campaign. Being page 1 on Google is all very well, but if you target the wrong keywords for your site you will actually damage your site in the ‘eyes’ of Google.

You must get to know your client. Make sure you are all ‘on the same page’ in terms of what they hope to achieve from the campaign. Ask them what outcome they hope to get from their SEO campaign. It may be increased sales, increased enquiries, signing up for a newsletter or simply brand reaffirming by placing them first for their company name.

If your client has an eCommerce site it is worthwhile asking them which products have the highest margin, as targeting these directly will make the client the best ROI (Return on Investment). This approach also works well for targeting service providers (e.g. plumbers, electricians etc) as there may be a particular service that brings in more money than other services. For example a new boiler installation for a plumber would be better than fixing leaking taps. Read the rest of this entry »

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Increasing your website’s rank is a goal that every business owner should have. And high on the list too.

What do I mean by this? Virtually all business owners want to been seen higher up in the search engine rankings so more potential clients can find their business online. What are some ways that can help accomplish this?

Here are 4 proven ‘overnight’ tactics (with the help of a pot of coffee!) of increasing your website’s rank on the search engines:

Starting with number 4:

4. History of Your Domain/URL – this one is somewhat beyond your control. However, there is something that can be done. Search engines like to see domains that have some history to them as this contributes to the stability factor. If you are just purchasing your domain, or have recently launched your website, one of the things you can do to help is to extend your domain’s registration for as long as possible (usually 5 years or so is good!). Read the rest of this entry »

These methods are not new or I have happened to me, are strategies that many sites use and can provide additional value to your blog, if you know capitalized:

1、Create a directory or a list of resources or interesting links related to your niche or high value to readers. For example, create a list of all the alternative systems to AdSense to earn money online, with their advantages and disadvantages, and so on.

2、Write about your niche complementarities and few or no competing site in question or talk about it. For example, to those who obtain revenue through AdSense in Argentina and wish to register with the Monotributo, write different post with detailed and concise, as many people have no idea how to do, how to organize an Internet company, plans business, etc.

3、Offer your services (designing a banner, answering questions, doing some small application, giving high in search engines.) Without charge who first made such a comment in a particular post, guess something or win a lottery conducted on your site .

4、Give your readers the chance to promote their blogs, publishing articles on your site or gifts any review or link x number of days or a week, for example.

The examples in each items are issues that relate to sites with similar themes Chica SEO or how to make money online, etc.

Can you think of some other ideas? Share them with us.

This post comes to mind a comment I made a friend a few days ago, where I wondered what I could do to gain traffic quickly in one of their sites, hoping to hear a magic answer for me.

I swear his eyes expressed the hope someone will receive a secret recipe … ..

White hat techniques or black attitudes seem to refer to a magician pulling a magic solution to the galley and unfortunately that does not exist, at least without falling into the dark side techniques.

Many mystify the profession of SEO, thinking that always hide something or they know a lot more than I have. In every profession there Gurus, but overall, people who take risks and learn from their mistakes.

If you want to do things right, the only prescription is "work" and is achieved with a basic routine which is "test-test-error-error-test-success." This is the key of each Seo, previous experience in implementing each technique, know what works in each case, because in this, one can not generalize, each site is a world unto itself that requires a specific job.

The only secret that has an SEO is to know that magic does not exist and that lasting results are achieved with effort and hard work.

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Internet Business – Ideas profitable core business:

1、AdSense websites:

Adsense is a service for advertisers and publishers from Google. Many websites, blogs, Internet business, etc. survive in the Internet thanks to AdSense. It is possible to make money, the level of earnings is related to the issues that concerned your site and your work in creating content.

2、E-Commerce – Sell products and services:

Internet is great for business, you can offer your services through the network. The scope of your business may be amazing, you can create a business and communicate with your customers through Internet.

3、Sell analysis or reviews:

If you like writing, you can create a blog for product analysis. Now we are going through a time when people who do earn enough money analysis. Perhaps, at first, you must make free reviews to be popular. But in the meantime concentrate on the quality of texts and gain prestige. Then the offers start to arrive alone.

4、Systems Partners:

Something that is revolutionizing the Internet business are affiliate system, where a trader makes a pact with websites to promote their products. It is possible to earn sales commissions etc.

5、Freelance Services:

Offer your services, whether consulting, programming, etc. Internet. To succeed in this field need to work hard on your online image, create a website with your professional CV with work carried out, participate in forums related to professional services you offer, etc..

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twToday being communicated (or online) most of the time is essential. Instant messaging programs and social networks are often our meeting place (virtual) friends, associates or acquaintances.

That’s why I found an interesting comment about the MSN app that integrates with Twitter. His name is Twessenger, and allows us to update our Windows Live Messenger status with the last message posted on Twitter.

Perhaps to many it may seem unnecessary, however if you use MSN much, this tool can make things easier, especially if you work as a freelance or spend too much time online.

Yesterday, the official Google AdSense blog announced a comprehensive update ads show style, this update involves three styles: 728×90, 300×250 201008101029366044and 336×280 ad style. Google updates the main intention is to improve the user experience and increase your visibility and enhance the user clicks desire. The new ad style is said that during the test results is very good.


Google AdSense ad styles for three main changes:


1、 large bar ad (728×90) can be ad title, description text, and URL address on the same line again, and such a big crowd up to the next bar ad 4 ads.

2、Medium and large box ad (300×250 and 336×280) can be URL address and the ad headline on the same line, to accommodate more.

3、New fonts used for more legible.

About AdSense

Posted on: 15/08/2010



There are many online advertising programs, but one of the most used by webmasters to make money, is the famous Google program, Adsense.

What is this simply a contextual advertising system for your Web site that analyzes the contents, and advertising segments, and direct it according to certain keywords. This means for example that if you write your blog on alcohol, it is more likely to display advertising of beer, wine, etc.. That way, readers will be tempted to click on the advertisement, because it is a topic that interests them.

Google simply links to the advertiser, who is interested in selling the product, and the owner of a website to display such advertising. In return, obviously gets a juicy commission. Charged, at first, to show your product, and gives the latter a minimum percentage of that figure, keeping most of it. Simple no. Genial!

Now, many people wonder, is it easy to make money using Google Adsense?, Why not create my own website and I put advertising?

To begin with, only after you have more than 500 visits a day, you can think of advertising for your site. And this is just the beginning, look, a site with some 2,500 visitors a day, you can hopefully expect to earn $ 100 a month. Also you got the other end, where sites or blogs are generating an average of U.S. $ s 6,000 per month, combining different advertising programs (not just Adsense) and a level of more than 500,000 visits daily. Read the rest of this entry »


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