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Each blog has links to al-page we have links in the content, we have links in the sidebar, we have links footer navigation links … everything. This is what Google links in the same manner with equal weighting or otherwise? Is the question.

Well, technically, it’s easy to be wrong for us. Usually, webmasters and SEO links on PageRank and traffic seen on a website based. Almost every link exchange request that I ask, Text-links on the sidebar or through the door, with the typical “contextual links to a few lines text.

I want to say that “some text” is not really contextual. She bought a single keyword text links – Google  has  found – lock your Page Rank. And now you have to repeat it. Not good.

In my humble opinion, the “contextual links” are those who are in the textual content, in real time, or a copy of the article. Both can easily find you and me, what contextual and it is not. And the Google-bots are smart.

To add just a few lines of text before and after the link “buy” does not pop.

Return to the topic, all these links in different places on the same side placed, have the same meaning? As you already understood, No.

Links at the bottom of the page or the title, probably the left navigation or the copyright / TOS-link, since the majority of sites used in this way. And know the Google bots.

They would place more emphasis on links, the contents appear to give product. Footer links to get links to box / probably less important by Google, but the links in the content would be considered more important.

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