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SEO:It Is Really Effective Exchange Links

Posted on: 11/08/2010

Exchanging links is a practice that everyone knows and of which much is spoken. I have not had particularly good experience, people who write for trade, then end up deleting the link to my site to benefit themselves with the link I made them.

It could also move to other circumstances, where bloggers who always asked me for help or me to join their efforts and when I ask for something, do distracted or look away. Obviously, then they can not expect from me as before. People always ask and never give anything in return does not like anyone.

But back to the main theme. Exchanging links is a common practice, but honestly can lend itself to many abuses, especially those who do not know and even those who know. I could tell you where very close, but I reserve the names.


Thus, I will share with you a few tips when making link exchanges.


1、To avoid future trouble, I advise not to trade links with webmasters who know. It is preferable to carry out exchanges of posts or entries, where they include links to our blogs and so reciprocally. Thus, it is more difficult to erase the link to our site。


2、Exchanges with similar content sites is ideal. Get away from those who propose them linked from a section called Links or Links, this type of people we are taking or intend to abused hair.

3、Do not trade with domains that link to hundreds of sites and on any subject. Such links could end up hurting.

4、Think again domains with which they intend to exchange. There are live only do so with the intent to delete in the future. And also note that sites linked from these domains. Do you agree that your link is with others of dubious quality? I think not.

5、The best way to generate links is contended by creating original, unique and interesting. Social networks can serve to gain links mediately, since many users will write on topics that you tried, linking from their blogs. That is to say that social networks are excellent vehicles for generating links, although indirectly, since in this way many people learn what we write in a short time.


At first win links, it is very difficult. But do not be discouraged and to continue to emphasize this, I suggest reading the Getting links to my website.

3 Responses to "SEO:It Is Really Effective Exchange Links"

Great site and great tips too! Absolutly do not link to sites that link to hundreds of other sites – the big G might think you are in a bad neighborhood.

TWhen I first landed on the site, i was impressed by the layout and design. Once I started looking around, i found the information to be even better. Great Website.

thank you very much

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