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Getting links to my website: Introduction


There are many ways to get links to a website:

First, as critical for doing link exchanges and offer to put your link in dominio.com / pages-friendly or similar, what value we offer? My answer would be: at least there is no greater bond than that. Although aware that it hurts, it brings us a very low rate for the work involved, searching websites or blogs that might be interested, send emails offering and subsequent exchange responses to reach an agreement, etc. In addition, these pages are not linked from anywhere and usually have only one link in the footer of the web, see links proposals to achieve best value.


Links from social networks

There are several social networks can post your links and just about to publish in them the urls of the pages of the site work. Check if they are nofollow or dofollow links, so I recommend the plugin for firefox Nodofollow, will greatly facilitate the work and not have to review the source code of each website.

Make your blogs for link building

Another way to get links is to make your own blogs on the subject you work on free sites and update them regularly to display an active site. With this, you guarantee links from different IPs. You have to keep in mind that these sites should do a bit of link building because otherwise you might as well get links from friends’ sites. There are over 60 sites to start free blogs and surely this value can expand from which you can get more links dofollow value and type.

Article directories

Another way to get links is to use the article directories. This is write a post with several links with the anchor text you want and send it to article directories. It is a system, analyzing it a bit, you can tell which is similar to what we talked about friends pages, but with the difference that the link is surrounded by words related to your anchor text and also has the possibility of being linked from other articles you have written in your blogs or other items free directory and thus make your links more value. Most article directories are nofollow dofollow but some must be reviewed.

RSS Aggregators

There are many different feed aggregators of our site and try to add our feed address to be published on these websites, most are nofollow.
There are other ways to get links which we will see in a future article as well as key strategies to find sites to publish our links.

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