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Posted on: 15/08/2010



There are many online advertising programs, but one of the most used by webmasters to make money, is the famous Google program, Adsense.

What is this simply a contextual advertising system for your Web site that analyzes the contents, and advertising segments, and direct it according to certain keywords. This means for example that if you write your blog on alcohol, it is more likely to display advertising of beer, wine, etc.. That way, readers will be tempted to click on the advertisement, because it is a topic that interests them.

Google simply links to the advertiser, who is interested in selling the product, and the owner of a website to display such advertising. In return, obviously gets a juicy commission. Charged, at first, to show your product, and gives the latter a minimum percentage of that figure, keeping most of it. Simple no. Genial!

Now, many people wonder, is it easy to make money using Google Adsense?, Why not create my own website and I put advertising?

To begin with, only after you have more than 500 visits a day, you can think of advertising for your site. And this is just the beginning, look, a site with some 2,500 visitors a day, you can hopefully expect to earn $ 100 a month. Also you got the other end, where sites or blogs are generating an average of U.S. $ s 6,000 per month, combining different advertising programs (not just Adsense) and a level of more than 500,000 visits daily.

In my experience, it is best to think about having a website or blog with good content and quality. This long-term will be what will ensure a major traffic (visits), and later the possibility to start paying the costs of hosting, a change of PC, and other costs.

To the extent that you are steady and keep your blog, you will start to generate good profits.

I invite you to browse the blog and discover the various resources on AdSense that we will be publishing over time.

Thank you very much for your visit.


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