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The SEO is not magic, it’s work

Posted on: 19/08/2010

This post comes to mind a comment I made a friend a few days ago, where I wondered what I could do to gain traffic quickly in one of their sites, hoping to hear a magic answer for me.

I swear his eyes expressed the hope someone will receive a secret recipe … ..

White hat techniques or black attitudes seem to refer to a magician pulling a magic solution to the galley and unfortunately that does not exist, at least without falling into the dark side techniques.

Many mystify the profession of SEO, thinking that always hide something or they know a lot more than I have. In every profession there Gurus, but overall, people who take risks and learn from their mistakes.

If you want to do things right, the only prescription is "work" and is achieved with a basic routine which is "test-test-error-error-test-success." This is the key of each Seo, previous experience in implementing each technique, know what works in each case, because in this, one can not generalize, each site is a world unto itself that requires a specific job.

The only secret that has an SEO is to know that magic does not exist and that lasting results are achieved with effort and hard work.


So when someone offers you results and ensure "rapid", forget and look for another person to do the job. SEO how quick and easy any penalty is paid, so when you want a serious job, you know, first hand ten to three key ingredients that will ensure success:

1、Effort to do the hard work and updates.

2、Humility to recognize and learn from your mistakes.

3、Patience to work out the details and see the results.

My friend went with the face of disappointment, but I think that basically got the message … and it was recommended that you read How to hire a good SEO service?

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