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Increasing Your Website’s Rank Overnight!

Posted on: 24/08/2010

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Increasing your website’s rank is a goal that every business owner should have. And high on the list too.

What do I mean by this? Virtually all business owners want to been seen higher up in the search engine rankings so more potential clients can find their business online. What are some ways that can help accomplish this?

Here are 4 proven ‘overnight’ tactics (with the help of a pot of coffee!) of increasing your website’s rank on the search engines:

Starting with number 4:

4. History of Your Domain/URL – this one is somewhat beyond your control. However, there is something that can be done. Search engines like to see domains that have some history to them as this contributes to the stability factor. If you are just purchasing your domain, or have recently launched your website, one of the things you can do to help is to extend your domain’s registration for as long as possible (usually 5 years or so is good!).

3. Inbound/Outbound Links – in increasing your website’s rank, you must implement a link building strategy. Having links point to your site is a major contributor to the relevancy or your website and can be seen as ‘votes’ cast in your favor. More authoritative links, carry more weight. Remember, the search engines seek to provide users with highly specific and relevant results in the search engine results pages. If you are a Veterinarian, an inbound link from the AVMA is worth much more that a link from your brother’s website. Also, consider what links you have going out from your website. Make sure that they are relevant to your website!

2. Proper Page Titles/Descriptions – each page on your website should have a proper title (as seen at the top of your browser) that reflects the content of that page. Just like any article you read in print or online, proper titles not only give the reader an understanding of the content, but also makes search engines spiders aware.

1. Content is King – it’s not just pretty saying. As we think about increasing your website’s rank, we cannot over emphasize this point: search engines loves content, and relevant content to your website’s overall theme. Creating specific themes to each page of your website using, fresh, unique, optimized content surrounding relevant keywords is one of the best ways to attract the spiders.

At The Client Finder, we are successful at getting businesses found on the Internet. One of the ways we do this is through our search engine optimization services. We can put in the work for you increasing your website’s rank and help you get better placement. Give us a call at 310.421.8143 to or visit our site to request more information!

The Client Finder serves small to medium sized businesses through affordable website design services ( http://theclientfinder.com/websites.html ) and Internet marketing solutions ( http://theclientfinder.com/sem.html ). We help our clients gain much a needed and valuable presence on the web through search engine friendly websites, search engine advertising strategies. Visit our website today or call 310.430.1820 for a free consultation.

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