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5 Keys to Writing a Successful Blog

Posted on: 24/09/2010

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Congratulations on deciding to join the digital community and create a blog to express your thoughts and opinions. Keep this in mind before embarking on this journey, anyone can produce mediocrity and only a few will succeed. Most people do not take the time to prepare themselves and carefully think about what they are trying to accomplish. Instead, they just create a Blogger account and start pecking away at the keyboard. Instead, create digital prose worthy of your time and effort. Be a one-of-a-kind individual with unique opinions, stories, and information. Use your blog as an opportunity to tell the world about your unique perspective. Before beginning to craft your masterpiece, let me give a few suggestions.

1. Understand Your Motivation

Everyone has different reasons for publishing his or her thoughts on the World Wide Web. Some people feel passionately about a topic and think that blogging allows them an outlet to express their feelings. Blogging for them is a form of catharsis. Others are motivated by the opportunity to add a couple zeros to their Paypal account. For these people, blogging is a business. Regardless of your motivation, it is necessary to determine your objectives for this endeavor. This guiding light should govern all the choices when crafting your blog. Invest in design and functionality if your goal is introducing your company to the world. If all someone wants to do is share stories about their precocious five year old with their family in Chicago, a free Blogger account will have everything they need.

2. Find Your Muse

There is nothing new under the sun. This idea certainly holds true for the Internet. No matter what one is considering, someone has already tread along that road and likely has done it with some style and elegance. This is terrific news, because there is no reason to live within a vacuum. Get on Google and begin searching for people and websites that are inspiring. Search the web and discover beautiful web designs. Dissect HTML code and uncover the mysteries of what lies beneath the surface. Then bring everything together to achieve something that is uniquely your own.

3. Define Your Individuality and Boldly Express Yourself

The great thing about humans is that there are no two alike. Even identical twins have distinctive characteristics. Spend some time to ponder what it is about your personality that is unique. What are your talents and strengths? Is there a concern that inspires passionate belief? Discover your inspiration and powerfully express it. Do not be shy or nervous about the words that are appearing on the computer screen. If one timidly edits their work, then they are not being totally honest with their audience. Allow yourself to express your thoughts without limitation and your audience will likely connect with your concepts.

4. Perfection Lies Within the Practice

No one gets it right the first time. Michael Jordan did not pick up a basketball one day and become a world-class athlete. In fact, he was rejected from the varsity basketball team his sophomore year of high school. Michael practiced the sport intensely and with the ambition to become the best. So do not concern yourself if your first articles are mediocre, most likely they will be. The answer is not to succumb to frustration and surrender your ambitions. The more people practice their expertise with the desire to improve, the better they will get, and ultimately the quality will emerge.

5. Fall in Love with Your Blog

Attempt to develop a strong emotional connection to your work. It is this compulsion to create that steers people forward and propels them to the next level of achievement. If someone does not love what they are doing, eventually inertia will overwhelm them. Writing a blog is not unlike being in a significant, romantic relationship. It requires work in order for it to grow. Some people may develop a blog and finally realize that they do not have the emotional flare for it. It is perfectly acceptable to stop it. Do not waste your time doing something that does not allow that sense of fulfillment. Try writing something entirely different. Regardless, do something that gives a sense of pride and accomplishment.

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