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Google AdSense – This Is How You Can Still Rake In Cash With AdSense

Posted on: 30/09/2010

For most people the art of selling or making someone pull out their credit card to make a purchase is very difficult. Let’s face it nowadays due to the economy people are very picky about what they spend their money on.

This has taken a toll on many affiliates who make a living promoting products online where they only make a commission after a sale is made.

That’s why AdSense is still one of the best ways to make money online because remember you are getting paid when a visitor clicks an advert so there is no purchasing required for you to get paid.

Also, this is a good way to set up some auto pilot income for your business while you pursue other ways of making money online.

You should find a niche that you want to create a website about, do some keyword research and locate keywords that get a good amount of searches per month but one that is not too competitive.

Write these down and save it as you will use them later to get traffic from. Pick one of the keywords that has more search volume and see if you can purchase a domain with that keyword in it.

For example: “http://www.YourKeyword.com”

If you cannot find an exact match for a domain then just add something to the end of your keyword like “http://www.YourKeywordOnline.com”. Or if you prefer you can get a different extension like.info or.org.

Setup a WordPress blog on that domain and begin writing content to your site. The posts that you make on your blog will be short articles that contain keywords that you saved earlier on in your research. Use one keyword for each post title and include the keyword in different parts of that post.

Update your blog at least once a week as this will show the search engines natural growth and will get your organic traffic.

Put Google AdSense ads on your website in the header area and side bar, and possibly a larger AdSense block that will show in the center above your posts.

Continue to build links to your website and adding more content to your site, try to target different long tail keywords as you add more and more to your website.

Install Google Analytics to your blog so you can see if you are getting any traffic and this will also show you what keywords brought you the visitors.

In no time you should begin to get a steady flow of traffic and AdSense clicks, just keep building more and more sites like this and your daily AdSense income will begin to soar!

Tuan Vy is an underground super affiliate who enjoys writing about making money online.

vist my blogs:http://focused-free.blogspot.com/

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