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Another way to make money on the internet is to place adverts on your websites, blogs, WordPress or domain names, this will enable you earn nice income per click, search and sometimes per sign up. Some people are still earning peanuts per click from Google AdSense when with a little effort they can earn more. There are some things you must do to make you earn more per click on your website or blog.

Firstly you must make sure that your ads are generated on the keywords that are related to your website, or blog content, this is very important, imagine you having a content on automobile on your blog and your keywords are generated on free e-books, this will decrease your click through ratio thereby reducing your earning per click. There are so many keyword research tools online that will tell you highly searched keywords and how much advertisers are paying for then per click.

Another thing to note is the color of your ads, you will have to change the color of your ads to match the color of your blog or website, and this will also increase your click through ratio. Also note that some colors that are not appealing will not attract visitors to click on your ads, the best color to use for your advert URL is blue because most people are used to clicking blue links, try to make your advert text color the same with your content color, this will make them blend and produce better result.

Also the positions of your ads also matters, you should take note of where you are placing your ads and the size of the ads. Imagine you placing a full size banner at the side of your blog or site, you can place it at the top, bottom or inside the content. More preferably it is better to place your ads at the top of your website and then in between your content and also note not to place more than 3 adverts on your pages, when you have two or three adverts with one banner at the top, the higher paying adverts will be displayed at the top.

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