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You’ve probably heard the stories of how people are making money with their blogs. But how exactly are they accomplishing this and can it easily be implemented? Well here are 6 ways to make money with your blog.

1. Google AdSense:

By placing Google AdSense on your blog, you can earn money every time someone clicks on one of their ads. It won’t be a lot of money, but over time it can definitely add up and just contribute to your growing residual income. The one thing you do not want to do is load your blog down with just advertisements.

2. Chitika:

Chitika is a form of advert that you can place on your site. The ads look essentially like a short advert that you might find in a magazine. It is similar to Google AdSense where you can also earn money every time someone clicks on an ad.

3. Amazon Associates:

Everyone loves Amazon so if you have a blog promoting physical products then this is a great way to make money. Like the other two options mentioned above, most of the digital products don’t have a huge payout but the larger items like electronics, appliances, gym equipment, etc. have a higher commission structure. Read the rest of this entry »

People the world over have joined the band wagon and are now blogging for money more than ever before. The opportunities being presented to make money blogging are numerous and more so easy. The challenge comes when you want your blog to stand out from the rest in your niche. This article will share with you proven ideas that will ensure you succeed blogging for money.

Keep researching: You all know that whichever industry you are involved in things keep on changing all the time. Therefore, it is prudent to always keep up to date with what is happening in your niche. Keep learning new things that will expand your knowledge thus have valuable material to share with your target audience. Your visitors should feel that your blog is like a one stop shop as regards to your niche.

Originality: Blogging for money is about uniqueness. Therefore, even as you read other people’s blogs in order to increase your knowledge base, make sure you resist the urge to copy paste their material on your blog. Work towards being original by writing each of your posts in a different style. Attract every topic in a unique way; look for ignored aspects of the same topic and write about them.

Imagination: You will sometime discover that people have discussed a particular topic severally and here is when you need to find ways of being creative. Find some passion within you to help you come up with a different approach that will make your post stand out thus enjoy blogging for money. There is always a new angle to every story.

Make sure you are easily understood: It is amazing how a particular topic can be discussed so many times and yet people will keep browsing for the same. This goes to show that some people have not yet understood the topic. To reach these kinds of people and retaining them on your blog you need to share your information in a clear and easy to understand manner.

When you have easy to read posts, visitors will easily following your affiliate links thus your blogging for money experience will be worth every penny.vist my blogs:http://focused-free.blogspot.com/

In the beginning…
I recently started my own “money-making, home business” which I signed up to with the understanding that I was going to earn money for doing nothing. Others (affiliates) were going to pay me commission for referring new sign-ups to their sites. This sounded like a fantastic opportunity to make lots of money without really selling anything. No stocks holding, postage etc.
My signup included (among other items) a guide which covers 30 days. I also had to sign-up to 5 online marketing sites (you receive the enrolment fee back in no time) and join a web-hosting company.
Massive amounts of information are fed to you but in an absorbable manner. It was very exiting. I would liken this information to reading a suspense novel…can’t wait to see what happens next!

Anyway this article is not meant to be about that…it’s meant to cover some of the terminology and their definitions, some of which I had never heard before.
AdSense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to display relevant ads on their website’s content pages and earn money. Because the ads are related to what your visitors are looking for on your site — or matched to the characteristics and interests of the visitors your content attracts — you’ll finally have a way to both monetise and enhance your content pages.

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Continue reading the entire contents with so I did and from that system, one thing I know this being just worth every penny I invested in this business.

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Internet Business – Ideas profitable core business:

1、AdSense websites:

Adsense is a service for advertisers and publishers from Google. Many websites, blogs, Internet business, etc. survive in the Internet thanks to AdSense. It is possible to make money, the level of earnings is related to the issues that concerned your site and your work in creating content.

2、E-Commerce – Sell products and services:

Internet is great for business, you can offer your services through the network. The scope of your business may be amazing, you can create a business and communicate with your customers through Internet.

3、Sell analysis or reviews:

If you like writing, you can create a blog for product analysis. Now we are going through a time when people who do earn enough money analysis. Perhaps, at first, you must make free reviews to be popular. But in the meantime concentrate on the quality of texts and gain prestige. Then the offers start to arrive alone.

4、Systems Partners:

Something that is revolutionizing the Internet business are affiliate system, where a trader makes a pact with websites to promote their products. It is possible to earn sales commissions etc.

5、Freelance Services:

Offer your services, whether consulting, programming, etc. Internet. To succeed in this field need to work hard on your online image, create a website with your professional CV with work carried out, participate in forums related to professional services you offer, etc..

Yesterday, the official Google AdSense blog announced a comprehensive update ads show style, this update involves three styles: 728×90, 300×250 201008101029366044and 336×280 ad style. Google updates the main intention is to improve the user experience and increase your visibility and enhance the user clicks desire. The new ad style is said that during the test results is very good.


Google AdSense ad styles for three main changes:


1、 large bar ad (728×90) can be ad title, description text, and URL address on the same line again, and such a big crowd up to the next bar ad 4 ads.

2、Medium and large box ad (300×250 and 336×280) can be URL address and the ad headline on the same line, to accommodate more.

3、New fonts used for more legible.

About AdSense

Posted on: 15/08/2010



There are many online advertising programs, but one of the most used by webmasters to make money, is the famous Google program, Adsense.

What is this simply a contextual advertising system for your Web site that analyzes the contents, and advertising segments, and direct it according to certain keywords. This means for example that if you write your blog on alcohol, it is more likely to display advertising of beer, wine, etc.. That way, readers will be tempted to click on the advertisement, because it is a topic that interests them.

Google simply links to the advertiser, who is interested in selling the product, and the owner of a website to display such advertising. In return, obviously gets a juicy commission. Charged, at first, to show your product, and gives the latter a minimum percentage of that figure, keeping most of it. Simple no. Genial!

Now, many people wonder, is it easy to make money using Google Adsense?, Why not create my own website and I put advertising?

To begin with, only after you have more than 500 visits a day, you can think of advertising for your site. And this is just the beginning, look, a site with some 2,500 visitors a day, you can hopefully expect to earn $ 100 a month. Also you got the other end, where sites or blogs are generating an average of U.S. $ s 6,000 per month, combining different advertising programs (not just Adsense) and a level of more than 500,000 visits daily. Read the rest of this entry »


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