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These methods are not new or I have happened to me, are strategies that many sites use and can provide additional value to your blog, if you know capitalized:

1、Create a directory or a list of resources or interesting links related to your niche or high value to readers. For example, create a list of all the alternative systems to AdSense to earn money online, with their advantages and disadvantages, and so on.

2、Write about your niche complementarities and few or no competing site in question or talk about it. For example, to those who obtain revenue through AdSense in Argentina and wish to register with the Monotributo, write different post with detailed and concise, as many people have no idea how to do, how to organize an Internet company, plans business, etc.

3、Offer your services (designing a banner, answering questions, doing some small application, giving high in search engines.) Without charge who first made such a comment in a particular post, guess something or win a lottery conducted on your site .

4、Give your readers the chance to promote their blogs, publishing articles on your site or gifts any review or link x number of days or a week, for example.

The examples in each items are issues that relate to sites with similar themes Chica SEO or how to make money online, etc.

Can you think of some other ideas? Share them with us.

Exchanging links is a practice that everyone knows and of which much is spoken. I have not had particularly good experience, people who write for trade, then end up deleting the link to my site to benefit themselves with the link I made them.

It could also move to other circumstances, where bloggers who always asked me for help or me to join their efforts and when I ask for something, do distracted or look away. Obviously, then they can not expect from me as before. People always ask and never give anything in return does not like anyone.

But back to the main theme. Exchanging links is a common practice, but honestly can lend itself to many abuses, especially those who do not know and even those who know. I could tell you where very close, but I reserve the names.


Thus, I will share with you a few tips when making link exchanges.


1、To avoid future trouble, I advise not to trade links with webmasters who know. It is preferable to carry out exchanges of posts or entries, where they include links to our blogs and so reciprocally. Thus, it is more difficult to erase the link to our site。

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Here are 5 tips to keep you on the 1st page Google :

  • Ensure your XML sitemap on your site is updated every month and pinged top Google and all the major engines unless this is done automatically which it can be set up that way.

  • Make sure you have a back-link strategy in place. Onsite content is super important but without that constant stream and growth of backlinks again it shows you are not the leader – do what leaders do – lots of action.

  • Use RSS datafeeds from your blog and link them to feedburner – this will make sure your content is circulating across the internet.

  • Add content to your home page or change the content at least monthly. The best is to have a data feed added from your blog so that summary information shows up about your new entries as and when you add them to your blog.

  • Make sure you add content regularly – daily is best, weekly is good, monthly is ok. Anything else then don’t expect to keep your ranking at the top. Google only wants the sites that are pumping at the top. if your competitors are adding content more than you they could take away your ranking and displace you.
  • Following these simple tips will keep you on the 1st page of Google and keep you rising higher and higher.

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    Most people who have a blog full-time employment or occupation (eg school), not to mention other personal activities (such as friends and family), so balancing everything can become difficult indeed.

    In fact, if you do not plan well your blog is certainly one who will suffer first. In other words, when things are messy or overwhelming, most people abandon their blogs.

    I think it is a mistake, because a blog is a great marketing tool for everyone. It helps you improve your writing, it builds your network of contacts he built an audience for their ideas, know-how can you build in your area and so on.

    So I have to write down on a point with 4 tips to help you stay focused on your blog decided, even if your personal life takes more time. Read the rest of this entry »

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