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Facebook has now overtaken Google as the most visited site on a daily basis. Though I believe that it doesn’t make sense to block or prohibit the use of facebook/other social networking tools at work, we know that many offices do. That’s fair on their part but there are several tools available that will help you access facebook in many ways other than the browser. If you’re embarrassed loading up the facebook page all the time on your browser, these tools are for you.



Though many of us are facebook addicts, not many of us know that you don’t necessarily have to logon to facebook every time to do everything. Of course, everyone prefers the straight way out logon to facebook, get updates, upload photos etc, that’s what we were taught. But there are several gems of free software available that will help us do almost all the things on facebook without actually logging in to the facebook page. Quite handy if you want to save time and most importantly, don’t get distracted. Let’s take a look.

1、Bubbles – Facebook Desktop Application

Bubbles turns Facebook into a desktop application with easy access and notification features, without having to change your browser, or the way you interact on Facebook. A tray icon and minimize to tray for Facebook as any other application, tray notifications on all your Facebook news feed events, such as photos, invitations, friends status changes and more.

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