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Failing we release a new revolutionary technological marvel, Apple wants to pass the feat of selling us a product not fit for nothing but evil of all: poor reader, a bad game console, a bad web browser, an bad video player, mp3 player too big …

Here are the reasons that I will not buy the iPad:


1、The obligation to purchase accessories, foot / support to view the iPad sitting and unable to consult the iPad comfortably lying down …

2、The iPad like his little brother the iPod Touch will not support Flash technology: No game in flash, no video in flash, no music / radio player using flash all the web, without counting all the sites containing items menu, intro, Apple excludes from the consultation full flash sites on the iPad.

3、Used as a reader of self 10am is just ridiculous, as compared to the Amazon Kindle has a battery life of two weeks.

4、The bright and lack of digital ink technology makes the user experience when playing quickly tiring, he once again prefer the Kindle or simply the very classic but still effective: book.

5、With his weight, Apple is very good at using his 680 or 730grammes iPad for 3G as a selling point for comparison the kindle is 289 grams.

6、iPad is the iPhone a light which has no camera, no phone, no camera (used as a webcam for example), make a nice interface to view photos from a camera that did not take it really awesome idea! Read the rest of this entry »

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No, I haven’t bought an iPad myself (but Flip has enough of them for testing purposes).

One thing I’ve noted with iPad owners is that once they meet another iPad user, the first thing they ask is what apps they use. And then on, there is a fight with words for domination. To prove that your iPad apps are better than his. Reminds me of the trump cards we used to play with in school. “Who’s you ? Biceps 42, Weight 200 Lbs Hah ! I beat you. I’m Yokozuna.” Sorta the same drill.




Anyways, proud iPad owners out there, one simple question. Which are your favorite iPad apps ? Free and Paid. Just doing a bit of research here, hope you don’t mind questions on your baby.

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