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How to access support groups for webmasters

Google Expert:
from here: http://www.google.com / webmasters

Should we fill out a form only after being reinstated to blacklist a site.
Or is it a fall in the search results can also justify such a request?
Is it possible to also do so when only a few pages have been declassified?

Google Expert:
You can fill out a form for reinstatement at any time, if you notice a drop in the performance of your site.

Is that using a system caching images Akamaii way or the visited domain displays images from another domain night positioning in Google image?

Google Expert:
There is no obligation to accommodate all these elements on the same site.
The context will be the URL of the page.

Is Google better understand the content of the page if the main keywords are present in the URL?

Google Expert:
If the theme of the page is well defined, so the engine will understand.
Having keywords in the URL allows users to get an idea of the content of the page.
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Google has responded to 118 questions on a transfer line chat between: Teams google webmaster tools (GWC), the quality team and webmasters worldwide.

The Google group was composed of celebrities like Matt Cutts, Adam Lasik, but also other stakeholders: Evan, Jessica, John Mueller, Jonathan Simon, Liza, Maile Oye, Mariya, Matt D, Ramya, Ried, Susan and Wynz.

The text includes a question / answer between employees “experts” at Google and webmasters. The passages were deleted uninteresting …

What criteria based Google to display additional links on the first result?
It is not enough to be first and have a sitemap recognized by Google …
I’ve seen sites in this case does not get more links?

Google Expert:
Speak Are there sitelinks?

About sitelinks what would be your advice for them to appear on search result pages?
I see them in the GWC (Google Webmaster Console), but not in the search results.

Google Expert:
http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=47334 Read the rest of this entry »

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