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This post comes to mind a comment I made a friend a few days ago, where I wondered what I could do to gain traffic quickly in one of their sites, hoping to hear a magic answer for me.

I swear his eyes expressed the hope someone will receive a secret recipe … ..

White hat techniques or black attitudes seem to refer to a magician pulling a magic solution to the galley and unfortunately that does not exist, at least without falling into the dark side techniques.

Many mystify the profession of SEO, thinking that always hide something or they know a lot more than I have. In every profession there Gurus, but overall, people who take risks and learn from their mistakes.

If you want to do things right, the only prescription is "work" and is achieved with a basic routine which is "test-test-error-error-test-success." This is the key of each Seo, previous experience in implementing each technique, know what works in each case, because in this, one can not generalize, each site is a world unto itself that requires a specific job.

The only secret that has an SEO is to know that magic does not exist and that lasting results are achieved with effort and hard work.

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The SEO is not for everyone, and while some of our readers have very advanced knowledge on the subject, others are just beginning and need guidance and some basic guidelines to understanding what it is.

That’s why today we bring you this excellent graphics, which summarizes the most important search engine optimization, covering issues such as keywords, LinkBulding, SEO Tactics, etc.

I sincerely recommend you watch it carefully and then tell me what they thought.



Exchanging links is a practice that everyone knows and of which much is spoken. I have not had particularly good experience, people who write for trade, then end up deleting the link to my site to benefit themselves with the link I made them.

It could also move to other circumstances, where bloggers who always asked me for help or me to join their efforts and when I ask for something, do distracted or look away. Obviously, then they can not expect from me as before. People always ask and never give anything in return does not like anyone.

But back to the main theme. Exchanging links is a common practice, but honestly can lend itself to many abuses, especially those who do not know and even those who know. I could tell you where very close, but I reserve the names.


Thus, I will share with you a few tips when making link exchanges.


1、To avoid future trouble, I advise not to trade links with webmasters who know. It is preferable to carry out exchanges of posts or entries, where they include links to our blogs and so reciprocally. Thus, it is more difficult to erase the link to our site。

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How to access support groups for webmasters

Google Expert:
from here: http://www.google.com / webmasters

Should we fill out a form only after being reinstated to blacklist a site.
Or is it a fall in the search results can also justify such a request?
Is it possible to also do so when only a few pages have been declassified?

Google Expert:
You can fill out a form for reinstatement at any time, if you notice a drop in the performance of your site.

Is that using a system caching images Akamaii way or the visited domain displays images from another domain night positioning in Google image?

Google Expert:
There is no obligation to accommodate all these elements on the same site.
The context will be the URL of the page.

Is Google better understand the content of the page if the main keywords are present in the URL?

Google Expert:
If the theme of the page is well defined, so the engine will understand.
Having keywords in the URL allows users to get an idea of the content of the page.
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Google has responded to 118 questions on a transfer line chat between: Teams google webmaster tools (GWC), the quality team and webmasters worldwide.

The Google group was composed of celebrities like Matt Cutts, Adam Lasik, but also other stakeholders: Evan, Jessica, John Mueller, Jonathan Simon, Liza, Maile Oye, Mariya, Matt D, Ramya, Ried, Susan and Wynz.

The text includes a question / answer between employees “experts” at Google and webmasters. The passages were deleted uninteresting …

What criteria based Google to display additional links on the first result?
It is not enough to be first and have a sitemap recognized by Google …
I’ve seen sites in this case does not get more links?

Google Expert:
Speak Are there sitelinks?

About sitelinks what would be your advice for them to appear on search result pages?
I see them in the GWC (Google Webmaster Console), but not in the search results.

Google Expert:
http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=47334 Read the rest of this entry »


However, you would like in the idea of asking a sailor “how much does a boat? “

How much does a boat?

What size? A catamaran or a super tanker? Sail or motor? Will you carry passengers? 10 or 2000? For the open sea or a lake?
So of course I understand the motivation behind the question, but my answer is usually bluntly: I do not know.
I need information for a quote.

Your site is not the neighbor’s

An agency or freelance seriously never build the same site twice. Before being a bunch of pieces of code and design elements, a site that is a target, needs a target.
Even if two people engage in e-commerce and in a similar niche, they will not have the same strategy. Even so loves “me too” which is nevertheless the copier of choice has a different strategy. It will therefore not need the same tools.

But yet there is common ground?

Sometimes it does indeed.
Take the example of a WordPress based, some features of its inception, with its theme. It is obvious that the price of its implementation is low.
But unless you know how to manage everything yourself (and there, you only need one), it is unlikely that these basic enough for you.

You will have the same design as many other sites (not great in terms of image). You install plugins poorly secured, or ineffective in the first update. Its architecture will not suit your needs, etc..

Well, in all these cases, the professional who will put their hands in to make a tool that you should go spend time there. And depending on your expectations this time is very variable, and time is money. Read the rest of this entry »

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Each blog has links to al-page we have links in the content, we have links in the sidebar, we have links footer navigation links … everything. This is what Google links in the same manner with equal weighting or otherwise? Is the question.

Well, technically, it’s easy to be wrong for us. Usually, webmasters and SEO links on PageRank and traffic seen on a website based. Almost every link exchange request that I ask, Text-links on the sidebar or through the door, with the typical “contextual links to a few lines text.

I want to say that “some text” is not really contextual. She bought a single keyword text links – Google  has  found – lock your Page Rank. And now you have to repeat it. Not good.

In my humble opinion, the “contextual links” are those who are in the textual content, in real time, or a copy of the article. Both can easily find you and me, what contextual and it is not. And the Google-bots are smart.

To add just a few lines of text before and after the link “buy” does not pop.

Return to the topic, all these links in different places on the same side placed, have the same meaning? As you already understood, No.

Links at the bottom of the page or the title, probably the left navigation or the copyright / TOS-link, since the majority of sites used in this way. And know the Google bots.

They would place more emphasis on links, the contents appear to give product. Footer links to get links to box / probably less important by Google, but the links in the content would be considered more important.

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After 10 days of night parties outdoors, the Cannes Film Festival was correct in my sleep and it is therefore on the ball (albeit under the sun) as I write this review of the week. If I have to follow certain SEO news, I totally missed out on other, carefully stored in my “read it later list”, and this post will probably be a good way to find what I planned I have read but not for lack of time (and energy).

Impressions and click through rate by position
Renaud Joly dreamed about, Google has done (or almost). In a letter concise and accurate Renaud explains one of the new console Webmaster: Display of impressions and click through rate by keyword by location. If you do not understand, I will not explain here what Renaud is well on his blog and I encourage you to visit him. Of course, as always, Google does not give us exact figures, but only the amount of data by a key word but it is always a start and we can check our assumptions with the other tools (magic and secrets of course) which we have

Keywords, tools and methods
Be the first on a keyword that is never sought no use. I just repeat that sentence has now been close to a decade, unfortunately I feel that it serves no purpose and despite my insistence, I am sometimes forced to place a site on an application bogus but pleased the communication manager of the company.

That said, Patrice Albertus we propose a methodology to choose keywords. I use essentially the same tools and the same method that he and his post, very interesting, very educational.

How to sell on Internet
While some still believe it is possible to start selling online in reproducing patterns brick & mortar, it is not. Natural Net offers us a complete dossier on the issue and whether it includes many places they are in promotion of their services, there is still good stuff to read and practical case study. Having traveled some pages of this issue, I count on your clemency should it ever be unattractive Read the rest of this entry »

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A little note before spamming google with my column “My personal website” to introduce you to those who do not know, my version of SEOLinks.

SeoLinks extension was originally created by WebmasterBrain around 2003 if I recall well, it serves to control its ranking in google / yahoo / MSN links pointing to it as a benefit of being simple, light and efficient.

This extension was soon abandoned not its creators probably very disappointed in click they had with the webmaster community (which is known to love click!), I also tried to seduce them with SpamReport, but similarly the revenues were close to zero which pointed me (us) quickly disillusioned.

My version of SeoLinks brings additional functionality now:

PAGERANK pointing a link you straight to the Google PageRank of the P / L on the image.
As originally returned by the BLS to Yahoo sides of PageRank.
Empty Bing below if you have any suggestions I am!
Below you will find positions in the three respective motors whose logo is above.
The engines for the French setting, and I use the Google IE search pane version for the GG toolbar.
The link text for the position is defined by either
selecting text, you select a piece of text with the conventional breeding FireFox
Text taken into account ” Wc=”ou si rien n’est sélectionné c’est le texte présent dans le lien que vous pointez Texte pris en compte” closure_uid_vd3aw6=”134″>or if nothing is selected is the text in the link you point <a href= »link »> Text taken into account </ a>
Automatic update triggered by my care through https as I am paid on redaction.tv

Clearly the computation of PageRank is a problem right now, but I’ll see if I can fix in a few days you will receive a proposed update automatically as all other extensions.

Not to be bothered by the bubble that appears whenever you tap a link, you can disable it by using three dots to the right in the status bar of Firefox, simply click on them to get drunk and thus disable the extension.

To download this is where AA password: redaction.tv / seolinks /

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No 1 SEO element is the page title.

  • This appears top left of a browser window in the blue band at the top of the screen.
  • Google and other search engines display this AS IS in their search results. It will only truncate if too long.
  • This should be 100% unique for each page of the site.
  • It is best to make the title consist only of keywords wherever possible.
  • If adding your brand to the title add at the end instead of the beginning.
  • Keep the title to 65 chars or less so it does not get truncated in Google.
  • The title MUST relate to the content of the page – so no spamming of the title.

The 2nd most important SEO element is the page URL.

  • This should ideally not contain any non standard characters such as & and ? (which many CMS systems have as standard).
  • It is also best not to have each page come off a standard page name like index.php eg index.php?pg=3  or index.php?pg=4.
  • It is best that each and every page has a unique page name that is relevant to the page content.

Next SEO element – H1 (heading tags).

  • H1 is like the title of a chapter in a book in level of importance.
  • To rank well a page should use H1 (and no other HTML markup options).
  • It should also use keywords in the title.
  • It is best to make the title only keywords – a single keyword is best.
  • H2 should be used in the same way as H1 titles. Read the rest of this entry »

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