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1、Content Spam (spam content)

Language: Engineers online search were interested in the languages of pages to see what they could find. It came out that French was the language that has often proved to be a festival of spam, with German and then English. I found this model quite interesting.

Area: No surprise, it was revealed that the domains. Biz had a high rate of spam, much higher than others. The. And us. Com is the following. But. Biz is well ahead – be careful ok?

Words per page: Another approach often used. They found that the pages that contain lots of text were often those that contained the most spam. Less than 1500 words, the curve of spam declined. The slice of 750-1500 words seemed to be the benchmark of spammers。

Keywords in the TITLE tag: This is another area that they observe. Experience has shown that spam pages tended to use more keywords in the TITLE tag compared to normal pages.

The number of anchor link (anchor text): Another interesting approach is to consider the report of the anchor text to the text of the page. It may be at the page or site. Sites that contain a high percentage of anchor text (as plain text) are likely to be spam sites.

Fraction of visible content: This is to use hidden text, not to be confused with the reports of the code in the text. They are interested in a proportion of text that is not actually visible on the page. Read the rest of this entry »

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