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Tomorrow I have to present orally for a long time, and to dust off old notes (abstracting of books) to remember the following tips.

The tips may be helpful to students who must give an oral examination or persons to be submitted to a job interview or for those who must prepare a class.

While some tips are very basic, I think it does not hurt to review them from time to time.


Here is the list:

1 .- The first thing is to feel comfortable with your appearance. Therefore, it is important to dress in a manner befitting to the occasion and let us be comfortable with ourselves. It is important to have a natural appearance.
2 .- Previously, it is important to visualize the situation.
3 .- Smile and greet with cordial and respectful manner.
4 .- Find something original to present a different view, "proper."
5 .- When you want to give the impression of safety, keep your head up.
6 .- Talk calmly and quietly relax helps to modulate our voice. (I talk a mile a minute, so remember it suits me, ha).
7 .- For good communication is fundamental to good use on breaks.
8 .- oral presentations should use short sentences.
9 .- If we use words or scientific techniques, where possible we give examples.
10 .- Try to be concise. Do not overload each sentence with insignificant details.

Hope you have served. Can you think or know other tips?

Failing we release a new revolutionary technological marvel, Apple wants to pass the feat of selling us a product not fit for nothing but evil of all: poor reader, a bad game console, a bad web browser, an bad video player, mp3 player too big …

Here are the reasons that I will not buy the iPad:


1、The obligation to purchase accessories, foot / support to view the iPad sitting and unable to consult the iPad comfortably lying down …

2、The iPad like his little brother the iPod Touch will not support Flash technology: No game in flash, no video in flash, no music / radio player using flash all the web, without counting all the sites containing items menu, intro, Apple excludes from the consultation full flash sites on the iPad.

3、Used as a reader of self 10am is just ridiculous, as compared to the Amazon Kindle has a battery life of two weeks.

4、The bright and lack of digital ink technology makes the user experience when playing quickly tiring, he once again prefer the Kindle or simply the very classic but still effective: book.

5、With his weight, Apple is very good at using his 680 or 730grammes iPad for 3G as a selling point for comparison the kindle is 289 grams.

6、iPad is the iPhone a light which has no camera, no phone, no camera (used as a webcam for example), make a nice interface to view photos from a camera that did not take it really awesome idea! Read the rest of this entry »

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Apple Magic Trackpad is powered by the same Multi-Touch technology on the MacBook Pro and supports the same full set of gestures like swiping, scrolling, clicking, rotating, pinching etc … and the entire surface is a button that clicks. It has 80 percent more area than the Macbook Pro trackpad and claims to be the largest Multi-Touch trackpad made by Apple.



Magic Trackpad connects to your Mac via Bluetooth wireless technology. Since it is made with the same aluminum design as the Apple Wireless Keyboard, and has the same angle and height – the two can be placed perfectly together. Magic Trackpad detects periods of inactivity, and it’s equipped with an on/off switch, which helps to save battery life.

Apple Magic Trackpad is available for sale at the Apple Store for $69 with free shipping … and it is the end of the old mouse you used for so long.

Kindle is Amazon’s product pleasant to read books without having to end the eyes of a rabbit that had caught myxomatosis. Indeed, the Kindle screen is positioning itself for the digital computer is designed to read text with significant variations in contrast, allows both readings in dark or very bright, all without reflection. Amazon has recently presented the new version of Kindle and the improvements are significant:

Self-coupled device: four weeks without recharging
A version-Fi (in addition to 3G), which is cheaper than $ 50
-Contrast Enhancement (50% contrast and more)
-15% Lighter
Two-times more storage space
-The Kindle is 21% smaller with a screen similar to the previous version

Technical specifications of IPAD very different but it seems that the products are not as competitive as that. IPad is a digital tablet and the Kindle eBook reader. The product from Barnes & Noble, the Nook is the most natural competitor of Kindle.






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1. When you climb up the ladder, you might feel that people below you are not important. Wrong. They make you.

2. Find time to talk to people. Its impossible to give time for everyone, but you’ll have to find work around ways to this.

3. Don’t get excited. Responses and praises may make you feel like the most important person on earth. No. The question is how long will it last?

4. Take the pain in finding the gems out of the mesh. Be it posting content or finding people, there is always that little unnoticed gem in the crowd. Find it because nobody else does.

5. Make sure you have the “Wow factor” ready with you all the time. People come in all the time to your profile, keep something ready for them to get excited about.

6. Don’t repeat what others are doing. Figure out what extra you can give, in a unique way. Read the rest of this entry »

For some weeks now I have a netbook Samsung N150 lent by Orange for testing. The test is not one of my major specialty and even avoid, however, here a little tour of this netbook. The N150 from Samsung includes a slot for the 3G SIM card which makes the free-standing in terms of connection (no need to plug a USB 3G here is good). Actually I have not even tried to connect to a wireless network, the 3G connection is sufficient for testing.

In terms of appearance the device is rather simple, but its glossy cover catches fingerprints easily, so not bad on this one. The keyboard is pretty good at using it, I had less feeling of being on a mini-pc. It is true that the form factor of these computers do not like it too, below 13 “I’m lost and I have enough space to work, but it is a personal feeling and it is not to this device.

On the following pictures you will see a comparison with the Macbook 13 “, a family and a Packard Bell Netbook Acer Aspire One. So is the small red and blue on Samsung Acer:

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Google, there is no doubt that one of the world’s best known companies. It not only allows people to freely access information and give reasons for the existence of e-commerce, the most important thing is that it proves to the world: Free can be profitable! Perhaps all this make you more like to know – If not Google the world would be like?

There may be a number of assumptions:Perhaps Microsoft is worse off than today?Maybe Apple will bankrupt? Also ,perhaps Yahoo will no longer be the world’s most powerful company?If not Google the world would be like?



You can not forget it – as Google’s biggest rivals have now been thrown far behind.Yahoo has it all:Adequate capital, extensive user base, a strong business.Really need is a leader in insight to lead it to success. Read the rest of this entry »

According to Taiwan’s CTI TV reported that the Township, Kaohsiung County, a real estate agent, in the use of Google Maps to help customers search for housing, they discover a satellite map with a woman in the face of terror, this woman is clearly emerging in the face agricultural land, but also dragged his right-hand face of a mournful look, So pretty lady looked directly call the real estate intermediary terror.

This woman faces a landmark bridge in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a piece of farmland in the village, from the satellite map you can clearly see the face of a woman floats above the top of women face is an arrow, then women face, the following was written 30 000 and 333 figures, this woman, face, dragging his right hand face, look sad, so Miss imagined intermediary hair, body goose bumps and found this picture, the intermediate miss sleep for several days straight, my mind full of agricultural land this woman, face, and his sad eyes

Kaohsiung County farmland Jingxian sad girl grimace

Kaohsiung County farmland Jingxian sad girl grimace

Map Finder was not scared Light

Map Finder was not scared Light

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Just love this theme, quite … What a beauty!

Topics moved elegantly another WordPress theme that only the most beautiful in another iPhone theme that I saw recently. Well, this is a wordpress theme for those who want to sell their iPhone applications through their website. A bit like a sales page, but built entirely on WordPress, and fully customizable!

The buttons are super stylish, with slopes and sharp curves, with features that much on the iPhone (check the supported platforms Graphics) and PSD customizable for each of these topics are also available, concentrated.

If you have an iPhone / sale related, take only this theme, customize it and go live! There is absolutely nothing that will waste here.

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