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There is much talk of security and privacy on the Internet. These days I have thought about it, because the amount of information and personal data that are distributed through social networks.

We are aware as far as we trace. What’s up letter was distributed through the network and have access to it from any computer in the world with Internet access. Writing on the Web is like writing on a tracing paper. Therefore we must be moderate when including personal information Internet.Digo this because I read recently in social networks like each other went on vacation, even someone gave details in your location with map reference and name lodging included. Just be lacking locating in the doors of their homes usual a sign with "Free access for burglars, thieves and sausages."

This is not the only risk we run when we reflect our movements and ideas on the Internet .. Also recorded is our way of life, beliefs, preferences … We become mere participants in a giant Big Brother.

Privacy is a right that you lose, if you do not know administer.

Internet as a tool is one of the great inventions of the twentieth century. Serves to communicate, to approximate. To bring this world to the idea of a global village. etc.

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As we know, whether blog or forum is censored in China, we can say nothing in China. What can be said and what can not be said, is a question for us all, today I will introduce you to some of the legal base in China, “Computer Information Network and Internet Security Protection and Management Regulations”

The management regulations is by the State Council of China on 11th December 1997 approved and promulgated by the Ministry of Public Security in China on 30 December 1997. It is a legal basis. This regulation is a detailed definition of “harmful information” the specific meaning, publication of “harmful information” is prohibited. So what is information “harmful”? Read the rest of this entry »

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